Your scaling software SUCKS

This post is not audio-related, but it's about an issue that has seriously concerned me lately, and I think everyone should be aware of it, because it affects anyone who reads this.

GIMP - Linear interpolation
Linear interpolation, no gamma correction


Turritopsis - foobar2000 EP

Download  FLAC  /  Musepack

foobar2000 EP has 4 electronic music tracks full of foot-tappity-ness for your listening pleasure. Pump up the volume and enjoy.

Released under a Creative Commons license, so you don't even need to pirate it.


Da Real 110 sample library

Thanks to Avner Malka, now you can use the library in Sforzando, TX16Wx, or any other SFZ player with round-robin support.

Da Real 110 is an extensive BOSS® DR-110™ sample library that accurately reproduces the sounds of the drum machine's synthesized instruments. It serves as a MIDI-enabled, reliable replacement for the original instrument.

The Kontakt version requires Kontakt version 5 or above. Features include:

  • High quality recording and meticulous selection, alignment and arrangement of each one of the samples.
  • 8 bass drum, 35 snare, 38 hand clap, 25 cymbal, 54 closed hihat, and 39 open hihat round-robin samples
  • Pitch tuning, ADSR envelope, panning control and volume control. Custom effects and UI not included.

Da Real 110 is a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0-licensed donationware soundware, meaning I would like everyone to have access to it, and if you find my hard work useful, I would appreciate any donation.

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